Uskumatu galerii: äärmiselt realistlikud optilised näomaalingud

Vancouverist pärit meigikunstnik Mimi Choi suudab väga oskuslikult luua nägu tundmatuseni moonutavaid maalinguid, mis näevad välja väga realistlikud. Vaata videot ja pilte!

This is #MAKEUP • Tag a friend who hates a TWO-FACED person. • Don’t let your lips and your lives preach two different messages. | This took 1 hour. Inspired by photoshopped mask portraits, see highlights for video and inspiration. ———————————————————————— Products • For the #mask part: @bennyemakeup “Diverse” Matte HD Foundation palette for highlighting, @sauceboxcosmetics “Étude” eyeshadow palette for shading, @suvabeauty “Grease” Hydraliner for definition • For the #beauty part: @kevynaucoin Skin Enhancer, @makeupforeverca Artist Face Color and Artist Color Shadows, @kashalashes “Dazzling”, @beccacosmetics “Champagne Pop” Shimmering Skin Perfector, @maccosmeticscanada “Little Darling” matte lipstick, @morphebrushes Brow 8 palette.

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WOMAN OF MANY FACES — • A woman goes through many faces throughout her life, just like how she needs an abundance of hairstyles and shoes. She falls, she learns, she grows, she evolves. Each new face reveals a truer self than her last. ___________________________________ STACKED MASKS #IllusionMakeup using @sauceboxcosmetics “Étude” eyeshadow palette, @bennyemakeup “Diverse” Matte HD Foundation Palette and MagiCake Aqua Paints. The beauty part deets are same as previous post because I just added to the last look. ———————————————— I’ll be leaving for Paris and Portugal soon but I promise to return to you guys with weirder than ever art! Love you all! @mimlesandbits @andrewy527

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