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Nudistist blogija levitab sõnumit vaatamata Instagrami keelule

FOTO: Sergey Borisov / PantherMedia / Scanpix

28-aastane nudistist blogija Jessa O'Brien on tugevalt Instagrami kritiseerinuf pärast seda, kui ta konto suleti hoiatuseta. Nüüd on ta avanud uue lehe, et edastada enda sõnumit.

Jessa avas enda esimese konto 2016. aasta oktoobris ning hakkas sisendama inimestele, et oma keha peab armastama. Peagi oli tema lehte jälgimas 42 tuhat inimest. Ühel päeval leidis ta end tagasi algusest, kuna Instagram sulges alastuse tõttu tema konto igasuguse etteteatamiseta, kirjutab DailyMail.

Oma blogis on naine väljendanud frustratsiooni: «Pea 10 kuud, 43 000 jälgijat hiljem, tohutul hulgal aega, energiat ja pingutusi... ja siis nad teevad seda... ilma ühegi hoiatuseta.» Blogija rõhutab, et alastus tema kontodel pole seksuaalne ega pornograafiline, kuid see on oluline osa tema sõnumist: «Me peame lõpetama inimkeha seksualiseerimise ja sellega ma tegelengi.»

Tänaseks on Jessa avanud uue konto ning jätkab enda eesmärgi täitmist seal.


BODY POSITIVITY It is to look at any human being and see beyond the body, so that we are able to see the beauty that lies within each and every individual, regardless of shape, size, colour, bumps and spots. Because once we can get this right, we see bodies in a much more positive lighting, and a divine one at that. Please, do not allow yourself to be told what is 'desirable' or 'beautiful'. Do not let those standards be created for you, create them for yourself. Redefine your definition of 'beautiful', and create a definition so deep that no one could ever make you doubt it. As mentioned in my previous post, the body positive journey isn't always smooth sailing... it isn't without its bumps, but even if it is a slow and somewhat painful process here, let's unravel these layers together and reconnect with the beauty within. I have had my fair share of struggles in getting to the point I have reached today, and I am still learning, still growing and still have my moments of doubt and insecurity. Much of my growth has come from pain, learning and unlearning. It is learning to be able to detach from these negative thoughts and insecurities and not let them define us or our state of mind. Self love is not about being complacent, but is an ongoing journey and means constantly showing up. I post nude photos, not for superficial reasons, nor to be glorified or sexualised, but with the hopes of normalising nudity and promoting body positivity and acceptance (and because it's a glimpse into what I really do! ) I call on you to observe your current outlook on this topic, and if it at all exacerbates the negativity that media are already propagating, I hope that this post can at least encourage you to become a little more conscious of positive changes you can make to, at least, benefit your own mind and body connection within yourself. I believe it is vital for us, especially females, to come together and unite on this issue. Create a sisterhood in which we uplift, support and encourage one another #bodypositive #normalisenudity #nudist #naturist #natural #naked #truth #humpday #thoughts

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A self-proclaimed wild child with an inquisitive mind. I lead with my heart and allow life to follow. I'm a realist and a dreamer. A lackadaisical perfectionist. One of the 'crazy' ones. My life is organised chaos, driven by a sense of purpose. The Nude Blogger is my creative outlet and a platform through which I hope to learn more, raise awareness, inspire change and broaden perceptions. An unconventional blend of mindful living with a spicy twist of the taboo, TNB is thought-provoking and encourages a journey to and through our higher Self. Intoxicated by a mesmorising sense of unraveling, I invite you to open your mind and your heart on the journey to leading a more mindful and abundant life. . . Here's to round 2! The official re-launch of The Nude Blogger on Instagram . . #istandforbodypositivity #teamthenudeblogger #womanonamission #stickittotheman

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Let's talk BODY POSITIVITY ❤️ For me, it means accepting, embracing and honouring our body, the sacred vessel in which our Soul resides It is about empowering ourselves and breaking free of the shackles of society's 'beauty standards'. Reaching a point where we no longer allow corporations or industries to tell us what is considered 'desirable' or 'beautiful'. To me, body positivity is so much more than just the physical aspect of it all. It is also about a state of mind. It is a matter of perception. It is about taking back our power and redefining, for ourselves, what is considered beautiful. It is about recognising the beauty that is already within. The beauty that wants to shine, regardless of your appearance or physical attributes. For me, practicing body positivity means seeing 'beauty' as something that cannot be attained, but as something that is already within. It means developing a healthy relationship between the mind and body. It means being kind to yourself. By ACCEPTING our bodies, we cease resisting what is and begin to work with what we have. By EMBRACING our bodies, we celebrate its unique and miraculous nature. We stop striving to look a certain way for a surface-level form of societal acceptance. By HONOURING the body, we understand that this is our temple, and so we treat is as such. We cultivate gratitude toward it Body acceptance is an act of self-love. By cultivating kindness toward ourselves, we do not allow others' judgements to define our view of self, because we begin to realise that their judgements are only a reflection of their own state of mind. We begin to break down and break through society's insidious and warped view of the human body, and we start caring less about fitting a certain mold. Being body positive, for me, means being at one with my body, but not being defined by it. It means nurturing it in a way that also nurtures inner-growth. It means letting go of strict standards and ideals about what we should look like. I'm not saying that all of this is easy, no…it's challenging. We're talking about changing a mindset here... but it is possible #body #positivity #acceptance #freedom #naked #nude #self #love

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