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Lately I've received a number of messages around weightloss advice and questions about which diet I followed for Miss South Africa. I want to give you honest feedback: I never followed a specific diet, but I made drastic lifestyle changes and literally trained my butt off. The picture on the left was after 5 months of intense training and absolutely NO carbs, red meat or alcohol. Chocolates, cake and sweets were swear words! I trained 2 to 3 hours a day and I even worked cardio sessions in over weekends. My boobs shrunk 2 cup sizes and my period stopped. On this specific day of the picture, I got home, freezing after the shoot, and I had a baby apple for dinner. From the picture on the right, more than a year later, I want to say, it's NOT worth it to fight a daily battle with food or your body. Bodies are different, we can't all look the same. Instead of having #bikinibody unrealistic-nonsense-goals that are being spoonfed to us on a daily basis, strive towards being the healthiest and happiest version of yourself (mentally and physically). Don't fight against something that is part of who you are. Self acceptance is a relationship that you have to work on daily. Be sure to make your body your new best friend. Light and love! #bodypositive #bodypositivity #bodyconfidence #loveyourbody #dietculture #unrealisticgoals #bebodyaware #healthnotsize #beautybeyondsize #droptheplus #everybodyisbeautiful #swimwear #bikini #curves #iamallwoman

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Happy #transformationtuesday my loves when I told you that I used to be so skinny with matchsticks legs I was not lying I genuinely used to be so skinny it was crazy ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️ so here's my 4 year transformation. From skinny to strong #gainingweightiscool I couldn't be happier with how I currently am looking and I much prefer stronger Amie to skinny Amie also can we appreciate the over filtered before picture ‍♀️ back in the bebo stunnah days when filters were very very overused anyways I shall leave this here! Picture 1: a skinny Amie who over did it on the cardio and ate very little VS Picture 2: a stronger Amie with much more muscle, who lifts weights and that eats much more food! (Carbs have my heart ❤️) HAVE A GREAT EVENING ALL

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A little flashback Friday action for you. This caption will be long and won't fit, so if you'd like to read please find the rest in the comment section....The left side was me at the start of the peak of my career. My first proper fashion week where I was actually the size I needed to be. I was booking amazing shows that one never thinks they actually could, walking with girls who I once looked up to, it was a serious adrenaline rush...but after fainting one night in my apt whilst preparing one of my very low cal meals (I think it was 20 pieces of steamed edamame if I remember correctly), I called it quits with the diet and workout regime I was put on and decided I could do it on my own. I thought to myself, I can still be this thin, but I'll just eat a little more so I don't feel so horrible. Well, eating a little more turned into eating nearly a bag full of almonds, which then turned into eating full size meals, which then turned into a full blown binge. I was craving every single food you could imagine and I was giving in to every craving even though I knew this was such an important time in my career. I made it through NYFW okay, no one had noticed any weight gain, but by the time I had gotten the LFW I could see the pounds starting to show both in the mirror and on the measuring tape, but I kept quiet obviously not wanting to sabotage myself. I found myself going to the grocery store and picking up raw vegetables to try and make up for the near two week binge I had in NY, but I didn't see any weight coming off no matter how "healthy" I was eating and no matter how many workouts I fit in. MFW came and I knew I was bigger and by bigger I mean a 35.5in hip rather than the 34.5in hip I started with in NY, I played it cool and just pretended everything was normal. I did end up booking shows, Dolce & Gabbana being one of them. Which I afterwards received online criticism about my thighs looking fat...Anyways PFW came about, and I found it impossible to resist those chocolate croissants I went on many a casting with one exclusive option being on my schedule, but after meeting the client I knew the reason for me not nailing the gig, my size...

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#tranformationtuesday . Haven't done one of these in a minute! 1. First off I want to say #gainingweightiscool these two picture are 3 years apart. 2. #screwthescale a simple number does not define who I am?! The picture on the left I weighed 115, the picture on the right which is my current weight of 140. Do I care that I'm 25 pounds heavier than what I was before? NOT ONE BIT. I am stronger, healthier, and all around happier. 3. Why do people think that a number is going to bring them happiness? I know I wanted sooooooo badly to be 115 for so long and when I was above that I was so angry with myself. WHY?! ITS JUST A NUMBER!! I'm not letting a simple number justify MY happiness and neither should you! 4. Instead of weighing yourself to see if you are making progress...TAKE PICTURES! They are so much better because you can physically see the difference. I see a huge difference in my arms and legs and I'm damn proud of that. Be proud of how far you've come and give yourself a compliment every once in awhile it's good for the soul ✌✨

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2014- unhealthy. 2015- unhealthy. 2017- HEALTHY My #transformationtuesday as real as it comes. I usually cut out the bikini part of my journey, because Idk why but I feel kinda embarrassed. Thats not because of the sport it's self, I have a lot of respect for people who do it, but more because when somebody with a current or past eating disorder approaches me for comp prep- I immediately turn them away, but... I did it myself‍♀️. I went from anorexia, to recovered, to back into, what I'd describe as a more controlled eating disorder. I'm 2014 and 2015 I had an obsession. Obsession with food, exercise and my body. I thought I was of optimum health while competing. But there is nothing more unhealthy than putting so much stress on the body and mind to be low body fat %. I lost my periods, my hair fell out, and I was super emotional. My journey as a whole is what taught me a huge lesson on health. I realised that health isn't a number on the scale, nor how lean you are. Health is feeling energised. Fuelling your body with nourishing food and exercising regularly. It's having a healthy outlook on fitness and not letting it consume your life. It's having your hormones regulating properly. Healthy is when you're functioning at your best in all areas of your life Don't loose the meaning of health, while trying to be healthy ‍♀️ #transformation#selflovein6#annorexia#bikinicompetitor#recover#fitfam

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My transformation *January 2016->Recent (2017) A HUGE 50-60pound difference (85->140lbs) FOOD IS FUEL! In the past I struggled with restriction for many years! Looking back I laugh, I will never understand how I ever convinced myself that being "thin" would bring happiness and help me feel like I would be accepted. Little did I know that lifting weights, not killing my body with HOURS of cardio everyday and eating enough would get me to the body I had ALWAYS wanted. Most importantly lifting has gotten me to live my dream of just being HAPPY and HEALTHY! I've completely turned my life around and found that FOOD IS KEY to success for getting stronger, building muscles, and becoming healthier overall. I hope to show everyone that IT IS POSSIBLE TO ACHEIVE ANYTHING! Make a list of your goals, NO EXCUSES! Just go, start working for them! Send me a message with any questions, I want to help everyone achieve their goals because you're all amazing and so worthy of being fit and happy #transformation

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